MONTERIAS loans for people with ccjs 2014 – 2015
May how do i consolidate my debt 06, 2014
Dear friend,   Once again we have great pleasure in sending you cheapest credit the ESPACAZA program for the 2014/15 Monteria season. Since our company started in 1976, we have shared many hunting days with you all. Our goal remains the same today as it was when we started, "to maintain the very highest standards of service and honesty alongside our hunting principles". We always say the “Monterías” are the most difficult hunt to organize,  as with any driven big game hunt, results can be random, but we try our very hardest to offer the best hunts, respecting the Spanish traditions and enforce the highest level of  safety in a good atmosphere. Concerning client safety, we always approve the placement of the guns personally, checking each and every position for safety, prior to the day of the hunt.  The detailed instructions we give every morning prior to the hunt are a must for everybody to follow. It is not as important "how many animals we shoot" as "how we shoot them”. Safety has always been foremost at Espacaza. Here you will find a varied Monteria program, with different options for big days and smaller days: Andalucía with his spectacular stands 'as balcony’, a lot of game and with not so dense bush. La Mancha and Extremadura, stands with more shooting lines, full of deer and wild boars. We also offer some “small Monterias” at reduced prices for the ones who want to test the experience of this unique way of traditional of hunting. The hunt is really special although the bag is not as big.   After a very good year in terms of rain and weather in 2013, again we are having a promising spring. These two consecutive rich seasons are going to improve the quality of the trophies once again for this coming 2014-2015 season. We hope to welcome you in Spain to share more memorable hunting days. Diego, Mino, Josechu and Javier Pereda. Always here to organize your hunts. IMG_4656